Ruka SUP Weekend 13-15.7.2018

We have now organized the Ruka SUP Weekend two years and the feedback has been very rewarding. This means we want to continue the tradition and will be organizing the Ruka SUP Weekend 2018 as well! It is going to be an even greater event this time!

During the Ruka SUP Weekend you can participate in SUP basic courses, join a relaxed SUP tour, have fun joining the SUP sprint and just enjoy meeting the SUP family in a very relaxed arctic surrounding.

Oulanka SUP Marathon 25k will be raced in the Oulanka national park. It will be the third ever Oulanka SUP Marathon and it is going to be a great adventure again, under the midnight sun! You can participate in a very competitive mood or just take it more easy. The Oulanka national park presents one of our national treasures and the race takes you to the boarder of Russia. Careful not to cross it, as you will be given a fine (not included in the racefee). Everybody are welcome!

13.7.2018 FRIDAY

9 am SUP basics

4 pm Oulanka Midnight Sun SUP Marathon 25 km

14.7.2018 SATURDAY

9 am SUP slow adventure to Käylä Village Loggers event

  • White Water SUP
  • SUP Sprint

8 pm Chill'n'SUP Party at Rukan Kuksa & Awards Ceremony

15.7.2018 SUNNUNTAI

10 am SUP yoga

Read more about Ruka SUP Weekend 2018 from event page!