Passion for

outdoor life?

Are you dreaming of life in the open air?

Adventures in the arctic nature, all year around, that´s what we do! Outdoor Passion Finland is located in Rukatunturi, Kuusamo. We operate in the Ruka Ski resort area, Kuusamo and Oulanka National park surroundings. We call our work environment the wonderland. If you want to go on a stand up paddling adventure with a guide or ice climbing, rope abseiling, or other non-motorized activities in the nature, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Outdoor Passion Finland operates to the best professional manners known, in a customer oriented way, with high emphasis on safety standards, and always, all activities are planned based on sustainable and long term actions, all year around.

Jussi Tupasela and Lotta Sandvik, the owners of the company, are two outdoorsy’s that are living the outdoor dream in their everyday life. If you would like to follow us in our work and out of work you can find us at:


Our activities & adventures

All our activities are based on adventurous experiences in the pure and clean nature.

By an adventure we mean that you will experience something you have never experienced before. It is never dangerous. An adventure takes you outdoors to explore the unknown and we want to guide you to places and activities that you have dreamed of doing but never had the chance or courage to do. We give you a safe environment to fulfil your dreams.

Join us in the outdoors. Find your passion, share it and make life count!


Stand up paddling

Amazing adventures in free and pure waters. SUP ABC, adventures and rentals.



Rock climbing

Challenge yourself to climb on rocks. Rock climbing in a safe environment.




Do you trust? You start to sweat. Do you dare? You gather courage. Adrenalin is pumping and you an overwhelming joy!



Ice climbing

Ice climbing in arctic winter wonderland meets you, the survivor.



Moments for You

Moments in the nature. Guided tours, shorter or longer. You decide.



Winter tours

Join our winter tours in arctic nature with magical scenaries.




Need a tent? Climbing equipments? You do not need to own everything, you can always rent.



Snow safety

Are you dreaming of going outdoors in winter and arctic conditions? Consider the survival and snow safety.