One moment is a 24 hour journey with body and soul in the Oulanka national park. It is a moment that takes you along the Oulankariver into the silence of the wilderness. It is a moment, where you are forced to slow down. Your body and mind begin to open the senses to the passing moments. The magical Finnish summer and midnight sun will be your guide. River, sand beaches, local stories, camp fire, local seasonal wild food, sleep in tents and a good feeling, being just where you are, at that moment and that is what this moment is made of.

One moment in the wilderness will take your mind to a place where you can look at your life in a more relaxed way. One moment lasts for 24 hours, without any hurry. It is just a moment to treasure, to have in the wilderness with an all-inclusive service.

We want to present the Oulanka national park to you and give you a moment where you can stop and listen, relax and appreciate moments. Share the moment with family, friends and loved ones!

Moment include a professional SUP instructor/guide services, SUP rentals, accommodation and meals (lunch, dinner and breakfast), transportation Ruka – Oulanka – Ruka, all safety equipment, general liability insurance and VAT.

Suitable:           Age limit 18 years, swimming skills are considered self-evident and SUP basic skills recommended

Meetingpoint: at 10.00 am at OPF office at Hiihtostadionintie 1 D, Rukatunturi.


24 hours


min 4 persons / max 6 persons


355 €/person


Outdoor Passion Finland outdoor adventures are safe and all operations aim to leave the smallest footprint in nature as possible. We have give an Environmental Pledge and by that Outdoor Passion Finland is committed to act responsibly and in accordance to the sustainable travel principles. Outdoor Passion Finland guides are professional and use quality equipments. Our partner Metsähallitus give guidelines to companies and private persons in how to operate and enjoy the great outdoors in a healthy way. We recommend you to read the Visitors Guide and Outdoor Etiquette, as well as the Everyman’s Rights, before entering the outdoors and wilderness. The nature is available for all of us but we need to remember that there are obligations to all of us that ensure that nature is kept well and enjoyable for next generations as well!