Arctic skitour to Riisitunturi National park is a moment filled with magical and wonders! It is the perfect winter destination. We will drive from Ruka to the gate of Riisitunturi National park. There are endless possibilities to choose the route with the OAC skinbased skis. Let’s just start our slow adventure and take all that comes along. Slowly we will get to know the skis and find us in the middle of the winter wonderland. This arctic tour will be taking us through deep snow, to our beautiful winter wonderland and arctic nature. Riisitunturi National park has a lot of special features you will be mesmerized of. Your guide will tell you stories about Finnish outdoor traditions, nature and local stories.

Our aim is to encourage people to go outdoors, to explore the arctic nature and conditions. If sky is clear on the top of the fell we enjoy an amazing arctic view over our winter wonderland and see the horizon far away to all directions. This tour is easy/moderate. After approx. four hours, we will be back in Ruka. This is a very traditional ski tour and you will get to know what the beauty of Finnish winter wonderland is all about!

OAC skinbased skis are a fun option for snowshoes!

You need to have your own winter outdoor clothing suitable for the occurring weather conditions. If you have additional questions or help concerning clothing, please, contact Outdoor Passion Finland in advance and we will help you! Ski touring with OAC skinbased skis is suitable for beginners and for all who want to explore outdoors. Age limit is 12 yrs and children need to be accompanied by their guardian. Please, give us a notice, if you have younger kids. We can arrange a private departure for families and take a covered ski-sledge for the small ones.

Price include warm drink, professional guide-services, OAC skinbased skis and poles, gaiters, safety standards, general liability insurance and VAT.


5 hours


min 4 persons / max 6 persons


159 €/person

Reserve this ski tour from our ONLINE SHOP previous day before 4 pm. Additional info and reservations as well, by calling +358 44 30 700 50 us or sending e-mail to


Outdoor Passion Finland outdoor adventures are safe and are implemented in a way that we do not harm the nature. We have given an environmental pledge and committed to act responsible and to develop the sustainable travel. Our outdoor activities are guided by good guides, you will use quality equipment and you will learn good outdoor etiquettes. Outdoor Passion Finland comply to the outdoor etiquettes made by Metsähallitus ( and the Every man’s Right that is our national responsibility and privilege given to people enjoying the outdoors in Finland.