Have you ever dreamed of climbing up to a ski jumping tower? Ruka ski jumping tower is the biggest ski-jumping tower that is in use all year around and you have the possibility to visit it. To make you comfortable, we will tell how it all works from a ski-jumpers point of view, tell you local stories and about the views that we see from up and above! Last we will abseil down from the tower.

Abseiling from Ruka ski-jumping K-140 tower or from the judges tower at the small ski-jumping spot is suitable for you are older than 12 yrs and weight over 45 kg. If you want to have a good adrenaline rush, do something different or just challenge yourself while in Ruka on holiday! Ruka ski stadium is just few steps from Ruka Village. Challenge yourself in a safe environment!

We are accredited climbing instructors and we value and put high emphasis on high-quality climbing and safety equipment. You only need to bring your own outdoor clothing suitable for the arctic outdoor conditions and have a curious outdoor attitude.

Abseiling program will start by meeting at the base of Ruka observation tower in Ruka Village by the market square, next to the playground or another spot agreed on during reservation.


Starting from 1 hour


min 4 persons / max 25 persons


65 €/person

On request from our ONLINE SHOP in advance. Additional info or reservations as well, by calling us +358 44 30 700 50 or sending email to info@outdoorpassion.fi

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