Outdoor Passion Finland believe that the experience you get when you use one of Red Paddle co boards is that of an authentic SUP experience and not a low quality, substitute to the real thing. RED inflatable SUP boards offer the ultimate in convenience, but this should not be at the expense of performance. We have chosen RED Paddleco inflatable boards for their convenience, performance and most importantly quality. They are very suitable for the conditions that we face in our versatile Ruka-Kuusamo Water Wonderworld.

Rentals only for persons over 18 years. Younger need to be supervised and accompanied by an adult, swimming skills are considered self-evident.

SUP Rentalshop:                                 At the beach at Hiihtostadionintie 1 , next to Hotel Rukatonttu

SUP Rentals include:                          RED isup board, leash, paddle and PFD.

SUP Rental prices:

20 euros            1 hour

25 euros            2 hours

60 euros            1 day (9.00-19.00)

120 euros         weekend (fri – sun)

Reservations from our ONLINE SHOP previous day before 4 pm. Additional info or reservations as well, by calling us +358 44 30 700 50 or sending email to