Adventure day in Korouoma Nature reserve is a very special experience as it is a unique destination in Finland. We would like to take you on a whole day outdoor adventure and tell you stories about why Korouoma is a nature reserve and show you the special features this destination has to offer. Korouoma Nature reserve is a legendary ice climbing destination also and you are also able to do ice climbing at one of the ice falls in the unique valley. There is no light pollution in the area, just pure natural light and a wonderful winter wonderland is waiting for us! We aim to enjoy the day in a relaxed paste and have a nice slow adventure in the winter wonderland.

This is suitable for persons that have a good physical condition and are looking for a great new winter experience, as well as to someone who want to explore the arctic conditions or just want to have a try, at Finland’s one of legendary ice climbing sights, in a safe manner.

Korouoma Nature reserve is part of a hundreds of millions of years old bedrock fracture zone.

We will hike a trail (approx 5 km) around the valley, try ice climbing and enjoy the Korouoma sceneries. You will hear stories about local nature, learn about ice climbing and have a try at one of the ice falls. A professional climbing instructor will guide you to, on and at the Korouoma valley, ice sights and surrounding. You will have full introduction and guidance on every stage. Before you know, you have spent a whole day adventuring the Korouoma Nature reserve! We recommend you have a good breakfast before departure.

The adventure day at Korouoma nature reserve include transfer Ruka – Korouoma – Ruka, guide-services of a professional ice climbing instructor, ice climbing and safety equipment, snacks, camp fire wraps and hot drinks, general liability insurance and VAT.

You need to have your own winter outdoor clothing suitable for the occurring weather conditions. If you have additional questions or need help concerning clothing, please, contact Outdoor Passion Finland in advance!

Adventure day at Korouoma Nature reserve is suitable for persons older than 16 yrs with a curious outdoor-attitude, because we are outdoors the whole day.

approx 8 – 10 hours

min 4 persons / max 6 persons


295 € / person

Reserve your Adventure Day from our ONLINE SHOP two weeks in advance. Additional info or reservations as well, by calling +358 44 30 700 50 us or sending e-mail to


Outdoor Passion Finland outdoor adventures are safe and are implemented in a way that we do not harm the nature. We have given an environmental pledge and committed to act responsible and to develop the sustainable travel. Our outdoor activities are guided by good guides, you will use quality equipment and you will learn good outdoor etiquettes. Outdoor Passion Finland comply to the outdoor etiquettes made by Metsähallitus ( and the Every man’s Right that is our national responsibility and privilege given to people enjoying the outdoors in Finland.