The Leap of Faith! This is challenging both mentally and physically. You climb up a pole and stand up on a small platform. Holding onto nothing and you need to decide to jump into the air trying to grab the trapeze! This activity is greatly rewarding and achieving your goal, gives you a super feeling of accomplishment. Trapeze jump is a true mental and physical experience, where your goal is to climb as high as you can, jump and trust. Take the chance and jump!

Are you wondering if you and an adventure is a safe combination? We need to define what is an adventure. It is a combination of three things, physical capability, technical knowledge and mental workout. Coming to our activities, we will teach and you will learn, and that will become your adventure! When we are working in a group we always have to consider the group pressure. It means that you need to realize before starting, whose journey it is? Is it yours or are you doing it for the sake of the group. Even if you are coming in a group, we always notice you as an individual. Outdoor Passion Finland emphasize to always create a safe environment to practice and enjoy your adventurous activities, and if you stumble into fear we are there to support your decisions in how to continue or stop. Climbing Adventure with baskets is an individual outdoor experience as well as a group experience. Come at your own will and do at your own will!

Therefore we can say, that it is safe for you to do adventure activities. Respect safe and good manners in adventurous activities and act within its and your own limits. Respect your own will and respect the will of the other individuals in the group. When you succeed to overcome your fear in doing something, the feeling is very satisfying and sometimes even overwhelming.


approx 2 hours


min 4 persons / max 9 persons


85 €/person

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