Our Environmental Pledge

by Outdoor Passion Finland


by Outdoor Passion Finland


Outdoor Passion Finland want to give you this ENVIRONMENTAL PLEDGE. It is our way of showing our commitment in TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for good practices e.g. social, economic, ecological and cultural. We want our business to be responsible and sustainable.


We are committed to Visit Finland’s SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL FINLAND program and are applying for an internationally recognized environmental certificate to verify our environmentally friendly values ​​and practices. We act to the best of our knowledge and ability and we comply according to LOCALNATIONAL and GLOBAL guidelines for SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT and RESPONSIBLE TOURISM as well as follow the legislation and practices related to environmental protection.


We are putting the principles of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT even more strongly into our company’s strategy and operating methods. We also encourage our customers and partners to DO THE SAME. We also want to take our environmental pledge more strongly into account in our communications. Taking care of our work environment has been our normal since we started operating in tourism 2006. We believe that if we act RESPONSIBLE and with RESPECT in practice, we can also have a positive impact on the lives of FUTURE GENERATIONS.

We work to minimize our waste, RECYCLE everything possible and REPAIR whenever possible.

We reduce electricity and water consumption in our operations by choosing, always when possible, quality ENVIRONMENTALLY CERTIFIED equipment and encourage people to drink our CLEAN TAP WATER because, we want to use as few natural resources as possible, especially those that are not renewable.

We use and maintain the company car in the best possible and environmentally friendly way and when possible, we rather walk than drive. We use whenever possible and encourage travellers to use LOCAL PUBLIC TRANSPORT or other SHARED TRANSPORT service whenever possible.

We purchase LOCAL services and products and if local is not available, we try to find the most environmentally friendly option. We encourage others to do the same.

We always EVALUATE, before each new product is released, its impact on the environment and make SAFETY documents.

We prepare our staff and interns with the values ​​and practices of our company and keep an OPEN BUSINESS CULTURE. Everybody in Outdoor Passion Finland are committed to our environmental program.

We ADDRESS all environmental deficiencies and issues, when detected, in our company and in our municipality and try to DEVELOP, CORRECT, MODIFY to find a good balance and satisfaction of those concerned.

We UPDATE our ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAM annually together with the company’s management, staff, and customers.


Outdoor Passion Finland outdoor adventures are safe and are implemented in a way that we do not harm the nature. We have given an environmental pledge and committed to act responsible and to develop the sustainable travel. Our outdoor activities are guided by good guides, you will use quality equipment and you will learn good outdoor etiquettes. Outdoor Passion Finland comply to the outdoor etiquettes made by Metsähallitus (nationalparks.fi) and the Every man’s Right that is our national responsibility and privilege given to people enjoying the outdoors in Finland.