This arctic tour will be taking us through deep snow, to beautiful winter sceneries, arctic nature, and it all happens just next to the Ruka ski resort. We will partly ski on ski tracks, although, mainly in deep snow. The distance is +/- 4 km.  If sky is clear we enjoy a view over a line of fells, forest and all the way over Oulanka national park and over to the Russian side. This tour is easy/moderate. After approx. three hours we will be back in our office. This is a very traditional ski tour and you will enjoy the beauty of Finnish winter wonderland! Your guide will tell you stories about Finnish outdoor traditions, nature and local stories. Our aim is to encourage people to go out to explore the arctic conditions.

This ski tour is easy and well suitable for everybody who are older than 12 yrs, have good outdoor attitude and are physically fit to stay outdoors approx three hours. We can arrange a private departure for families with smaller childer and take a covered ski-sledge for the small ones.

You need to have your own winter outdoor clothing suitable for the occurring weather conditions. If you have additional questions or help concerning clothing, please, contact Outdoor Passion Finland in advance and we will help you!

Price include warm drink, professional guide services, OAC skinbased skis and poles, gaiters, safety standards, general liability insurance and VAT.


3-4 hours


min 2 persons /  max 6 persons


85 €/person

Reserve ski tour from our ONLINE SHOP previous day before 4 pm. Additional info or reservations as well, by calling +358 44 30 700 50 us or sending e-mail to

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