Rock climbing in Ruoppivaara is suitable for beginners and you just need to be curious to try a new outdoor activity. In rock climbing you are using your entire body and it is not so much about power, but control and technique. Join us for a climbing session! If you can climb up the hills and fells you are ready to try rock climbing with us. Children have a natural quality to climb, up the chairs, bookshelves and stairs. So, we just need to get to the same level and add a little bit of adult wisdom and off you go! Then it is just to figure the climbing puzzle on the cliff out and try to go as high as possible. We go to Ruoppivaara, south-east from Rukatunturi, to climb in the summer. There are many different routes to practice and learn climbing techniques. The cliffs that stand out from Lake Ruoppijärvi offer good start-up routes and more demanding for advanced climbers. We always use top-rope when climbing and if we want and have time, we can do abseiling as well.

Suitable clothing for rock climbing is flexible clothes and pants, sneakers and if you own rock climbing shoes, you can bring them with you. It is also good to pack some snacks and drinks in you backpack.

Rock climbing has a weather reservation. If it is raining and/or the cliffs are wet, we are not going climbing!

Rock climbing in Ruoppivaara include a professional climbing instructor serive, climbing equipment (harness and helmet), safety equipment, transfer Ruka – Ruoppivaara – Ruka, general liability insurance and VAT.

You need to be at least 12 yrs to join this program and minors need to be joined by their guardian.

Meetingtime at 10.00 am at OPF summeroffice, Hiihtostadionintie 1 D, Rukatunturi.


4 hours


min 2 persons / max 4 persons


85 €/person

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