Vastuullisuus - Responsibility

by Outdoor Passion Finland


In line with the 1993 Environment Declaration given by the town of Kuusamo, Outdoor Passion Finland also comply with the principles of sustainable development in everything we do. 


We support and strengthen the well-being of the local community by collaborating with local partners, buying local products and participating in the decision-making processes that affect the wellbeing of the local nature and environment.

We act by,

  • maintaining good co-operation between companies by recommending and supporting others.
  • co-operating with the local kindergarden, school and youth center. We are happy to organize outdoor activities and support children/youth.
  • supporting the nature conservation and community well-being objectives stated in the Environmental Declaration by City of Kuusamo and intervene, if there is an external threat towards the people of Kuusamo and our environment.


Being outdoors, we take care of our environment, act responsible and give good example by e.g. cleaning up trash left by others. The aim behind our actions are, to be able to give a healthy legacy to our posterity. For you, we want to present a destination where you can breathe the cleanest air in the world and enjoy clean water from earth, as well in the future.  

We act by,

  • communicating to our guests visiting our adventures and on social media marketing about the clean air and quality of water in Kuusamo.
  • encouraging you to use tap water and recycle plastic, metal, bottles/cans, paper.
  • plan our adventures according to the carrying capacity of each nature destination
  • letting you know, how to enjoy Kuusamo nature in a sustainable way – read the outdoor etiquette.


You will get to know the local customs and stories that respect the nature and history. There is always a good time on Outdoor Passion Finland adventures to have a chat, ask how we are doing, wonder and start a conversation.We always learn something from each other, good manners or skills, or something about local culture or traditions.

We act by,

  • going outdoors in small groups, because you are in the focus and we want to be present in the moments.
  • telling stories about our ancestors and by respecting their life – leave good stories and customs to the next generation.


In small groups we are able to notice all individuals and needs separately. We encourage our partners to speak for the well-being and justice. Outdoor Passion Finland seek to have equality in attitude and operations.

We act by,

  • paying equal salary, regardless of anything else, than good attitude, abilities and skills.
  • operating only in small groups, even in groups of two!
  • having your safety and well-being as our priority.
  • ensuring that Outdoor Passion Finland is a work community, where everybody are aware, that regardless of your sexuality, gender or gender expressions, you can be safe with us and be proud of who you are.
  • noticing all guests as individuals and not separating them according to gender, religion, nationality or other qualities.


Small groups wear less on nature destinations and make less disturbance. We think local and organic, when serving you outdoor food! We encourage people to act more responsible and make sustainable decisions.

We act by,

  • separating and re-cycling (energy waste, metal, paper, cartridge, bottles/cans, glass and plastic).
  • walking whenever possible to work.
  • taking part in the development of and keeping the public infrastructure in Kuusamo area.
  • committing to educate us and you on how to maintain the carbon vortex and manage forest in a sustainable way. Follow Metsäkeskus to keep us updated.


Our adventures take you to our close backyard and we serve, when possible, local food and raw-materials. We always try to figure out, how to give best added value to the local community. Where-ever we are travelling, we think local!

We act by,

  • using local raw-materials or, at least, food and raw-material from Finland.
  • informing how to travel with public transportation to local attractions.
  • recommending primarily local products and services.


Outdoor Passion Finland think, that customer satisfaction and quality is the same as customer safety. Safety documents are our normal.  We develop constantly our customer safety, by having open discussions with our partners and asking for feedback. Outdoor Passion Finland appreciate also, that the business is economically sustainable and follows laws, norms and regulations. It gives the owners a feeling of security and stability. 

We act by,

  • updating our safety documents once a year or when it is required.
  • guide having a safety plan in the backpack for the adventure.
  • familiarizing our team to tasks and work environment.
  • favoring an open safety culture.
  • giving our team a possibility to participate in educational courses to maintain good guide skills (e.g. Nature preservation, First Aid, Adventure Education).


We are liable for the authenticity and correctness in our communication. Our marketing is based on our own experiences and stories. Outdoor Passion Finland want to be a real, authentic and a local outdoor adventure company. Our guides deliver and act responsible through example, both orally, physically and how they operate.

We act by,

  • carrying a garbage bag in our backpacks. We pick own and others garbage while working.
  • maintaining a responsible communication in our life, in and off work. We believe, that by good example, we have a healthier next generation.
  • being authentic in e-communication and the way our guide communicate on our outdoor adventures.
  • observing the environmental values and pledges that the Municipality of Kuusamo have stated and nation wide obligations and goals for sustainable travel.


We are committed to the sustainable travel principles. We have been reflecting and documenting our responsible actions and are proud to declare our Environmental Pledge. Outdoor Passion Finland is committed to Green Activities and Sustainable Travel Finland -certificates to obey the sustainable travel principles. 

  • We are committed, as a member of the Ruka-Kuusamo Travel Association in co-operation with other members to make Kuusamo a sustainable nature-tourism destination.
  • All our operations are reflected according to sustainable travel principles; social, ecological, cultural and economical.
  • Outdoor Passion Finland like to discuss openly about the environmental issues and exchange thoughts on manners and actions. We document needs of change or devlopment and if needed update our manners and plans accordingly.


We have challenged ourselves since 2006, since we started operating in tourism business. Outdoor Passion Finland was created in 2015 on the previous company foundation (Hiking Service Finland). The values, objectives and efforts to develop have been stayed the same. Outdoor Passion Finland appreciate its workenvironment, good guides and responsible operations. We still work with small groups, with humans in focus and in a responsible way. Company creators, Jussi Tupasela and Lotta Sandvik, still want to learn and develop their skills and knowledge. They also want that Outdoor Passion Finland continue to learn from you and teach good responsible things!