You will find in Outdoor Passion Finland Outdoor & Hiking Rentals the basic equipment for your shorter or longer adventure. Before you come to Outdoor & Hiking  Rental, pack your own clothing, wear good shoes and choose good local food for your adventure and you are ready to start exploring the hiking paths of Kuusamo.

Renting gear from Outdoor Passion Finland, you will get updated weather forecasts, special circumstances and recommendations to your destination. We also want to give you advice on how to travel with locally using the public transportations and if you can not find suitable schedules, please, let us know and call for price for ride to Oulanka National park and the Karhunkierros starting point.

Find your Outdoor & Hiking Rental gear from the sheets below and contact us by email or call us:


Rental prices include gas and gasoline as well as instructions of use and service. Prices in euro (€) and including VAT 24%.

24 hrs 10,00
+ additional day + 5,00
7 days 35,00

Outdoor kitchens for rent: Primus Multifuel EX (gas and gasoline), Primus Omifuel  (gas and gasoline), Primus Gravity MF (gas and gasoline).


Rentalprices include pillow and sheets. Prices in euro (€) and including VAL24%.

Fjällräven Abisko Three seasons (regular/long) Komfort +2°C/Extreme -20°C. Winter-Spring-Autumn-bag for wilderness hut and tent.

Fjällräven Silhuett P5 Komfort 9°C/Extreme -8°C. Winter-Spring-Autumn-bag for winderness hut. Summer-bag for tent and sleeping under the sky.

Fjällräven Silhuett M5 Komfort 2°C/Extreme -18°C . Winter-Spring-Autumn-bag for winderness hut and tent.

24 h 12,00
Additional day 6,00
7 days 24,00

Fjällräven Polar -20/-30 Regular Suitable for tough winter conditions in tent, under the sky or open shelter. 

24 h 25,00
Additional day 12,00
7 days 39,00


Tent rentalprice include always short presentation on how to use the tent and set it up. Prices in euro (€) and include VAT24%.

Fjällräven Abisko Lightweight 3  (r/s 3 about 2900 g)

Fjällräven Dome 3 (r/s 3 about 3800 g)

Fjällräven Akka 3 (r/s 3 about 3650 g)

Fjällräven Endurance 3 (r/s 3 about 4200 g)

Fjällräven Polar Endurance 3 (r/s 3 about 4650 g)

24 h 25,00
additional day 20,00
3 days 65,00
7 days 110,00


Backpack rentalprices include always a short presentation how to wear and use the backpack. Prices in euro (€) and VAT24% is included.

Hiking Backpack: Fjällräven Kajka 75L / 85L

24 h 11,00
additional day + 6,00
3 days 23,00
7 days 40,00

Day Backpack: Lundhags Fjell Lightweight 35L

24 h 10,00
additional day + 3,00
3 days 15,00
7 days 29,00

Outdoor Passion Finland outdoor adventures are safe and are implemented in a way that we do not harm the nature. We have given an environmental pledge and committed to act responsible and to develop the sustainable travel. Our outdoor activities are guided by good guides, you will use quality equipment and you will learn good outdoor etiquettes. Outdoor Passion Finland comply to the outdoor etiquettes made by Metsähallitus (nationalparks.fi) and the Every man’s Right that is our national responsibility and privilege given to people enjoying the outdoors in Finland.