Late night ski tour in Ruka with OAC skinbased skis

This late night ski tour will take you on a journey, where you will experience the magical arctic nature by night. We will ski in forest, deep snow, over lakes and on top of a fell, where we can enjoy the sceneries. If the sky is clear we will have a sky filled with millions of stars and the playful northern lights dancing above us. Even without the stars and northern lights, you will be charmed by going outdoors in the evening. Your guide will tell along the way, about the history of Finnish outdoor traditions, nature and local stories. Our aim is to encourage people to go outdoors, to explore the arctic nature and conditions.

Late night ski tour is suitable for all above 12 yrs and for you who is strong enough to spend couple of hours late night outdoors. Please, give us a special request if you have younger kids and you would like to participate. We can arrange a private departure for families and take a covered ski-sledge for the small ones.

You need to have your own winter outdoor clothing suitable for the occurring weather conditions.

Price include hot juice and sweets, professional guide services, OAC skinbased skis and poles, gaiters, safety standards, general liability insurance and VAT.


3-4 hours


min 2 persons / max 6 persons


85 €/person

Reserve late night ski tour from our ONLINE SHOP previous day before 4 pm. Additional info and reservations as well, by calling +358 44 30 700 50 us or sending e-mail to

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