Arctic SUP Week

Arctic SUP Week 2022

Ruka SUP Weekend 2020 col 5.0 was cancelled and the event was reborn as Arctic SUP Week. It is a week filled with SUP themes and water fun! Event is based on pure passion to SUP and nature. It is all about friendship, clean nature, beautiful waters of Kuusamo and cultural traditions. Meet new SUP friends during Arctic SUP Week. During the week we will explore Oulanka National park, meet old loggers, lumber jacks, and experience wild waters and nature treasures in Kuusamo area. Arctic SUP Week is filled with smaller events you can participate in:

Oulanka SUP Marathon, SUP basic course, join a relaxed SUP adventure and just enjoy meeting the SUP family in a very relaxed arctic surrounding.

Oulanka SUP Marathon 25km will be raced in the Oulanka national park. It will be the 5th ever Oulanka SUP Marathon and it is going to be a great adventure again, under the midnight sun! You can participate in a very competitive mood or just take it more easy. The Oulanka national park presents one of our national wild nature treasures and the race takes you almost to the border of Russia. Careful not to cross it, as you will be given a fine (not included in the race-fee). Everybody over 16 years are welcome to join the Oulanka SUP Marathon 25 km!

Arctic SUP Week 2022 final program will be updated at!


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