Explore Ruka backyard with OAC skinbased skis

Explore the arctic nature and the Ruka backcountry with OAC skinbased skis through deep snow and magical moments, to beautiful winter sceneries and arctic winter wonders. Our backcountry is just next to the Ruka ski resort. This is a very traditional ski tour and you will enjoy a relaxed day in the beauty of Finnish winter wonderland! You will be able to enjoy views that only some in the Ruka ski resort can only dream of when just skiing on the slopes.

We will check all equipment at meeting point. You need to have a good physical condition, as we will be outdoors exploring the backcountry for the whole day. It is well recommended that you also have the basic knowledge in skiing. Other than that the ski tour is well suited for persons with a desire to learn more about our nature and wilderness, as well as how to move around in the backcountry in a safe manner. Our aim is to encourage more people to go out to explore the arctic conditions and going just a little bit further into the wilderness. Arctic ski tour include of course a good lunch by the fire.

This whole day ski tour is suitable for persons that have a basic knowledge of skiing, or snowshoeing, as well as others that have just good physics and dreaming of winter ski touring in the Finnish winter wilderness. You need own outdoor clothing suitable for winter and arctic conditions and winter boots (eg Sorel boots or winter hiking boots). If you have problems with clothing, you can contact us for further info.

All participant need to be 18 yrs and if, you have eager youngsters coming along, you need to reflect the matter with us, before making reservations.

Arctic Ski tour price include OAC skinbased skis with poles, gaiters, backpack with hot drinks and tasty wraps by the camp fire, guideservices, transportation, general liability insurance and VAT.


6-8 hours / 10-12 km    


min 4 person / max 6 persons    


125 €/person

Reserve from our ONLINE SHOP previous day before 4 pm. Additional info or reservations as well, by calling +358 44 30 700 50 us or sending e-mail to info@outdoorpassion.fi.

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